Welcome new Pastor Cody Brister!

After over 50 years in ministry, Pastor Harris is stepping down from his pastoral position.  He will always work to further God’s kingdom until he is called home, but felt the call to step down some time ago.  He and Jenny will remain at CBCC. Pastor Cody was voted in by the congregation on 06/20/21 and will officially start                                                                                          later this summer.  We are looking forward to serving with him!

Jeremiah 3:15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Positions Available!

Jesus wants your hands and your heart!


This statement is ALWAYS true, but it is true in a special way right now with your church! Crossbridge is in need of several people to serve as videographers.

This is a unpaid volunteer position made available to Crossbridge Community Church members.


No experience necessary, but if you can use your smart phone, you’re probably able to do this important job for Crossbridge and Jesus.

We are looking for four to six people who will be willing to serve in a two-person teams to produce the videos of our services.


The roles are different for these two people. As we want to make sure we have staffing, all will be trained for both roles, so we have ample people to produce the video each week.


The two roles are as follows:


Videographer – This person is responsible for manipulating the two cameras mounted on the back wall of the sanctuary throughout the service. The videographer, will keep focus on the speaker, following them during service, zooming in on soloists as they sing, getting a close view of the baptisms, and making wide views of the praise team, leading worship.


Video Editor – The second job is the person who will watch three different video sources and choose which of those sources will be selected for going out on the Live Stream at any given point in the sermon, switching between these feeds as appropriate to generate a smooth flow and reflecting the worship in progress.


Pray! And if you feel God wants you sitting in one of these seats helping to produce our Live Stream worship, contact Ken Carter or Pastor Harris.


The equipment is ordered, we expect it to be shipped in about 10 days. As soon as it arrives and is installed, we will begin training the team prior to going live. If you’re creative and can maintain a diligent focus on what’s going on in the sanctuary, you may be just the person God’s wanting to deliver His message through this new medium for our church!